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To support the positives progress of our customer partners, our engineering team has been certified with solid experiences in the WWTP / STP to provide services that ensure each customer receives sustainable and cost effective solutions tailored specifically to the customer's specific needs.

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The website was built since 2014 which is a business development of which was built since 2012 which has been connected with hundreds of customers and project references throughout Indonesia with various technologies and various technical conditions.

The composition of the MST Engineering Team as certified personnel, and ready to face the challenges to realizing a greener environment by prioritizing professional services in the field of IPAL / STP, including:

Services : Technical Identification

1. Identifying the problems in wastewater treatment plants with a technical scientifically approach

Services : Technical Assessment & Evaluation

2. Technical Assessment & Evaluation provides benefits in determining priorities due to maintenance and operating costs of WWTP.

Services : Repair & Retrofitting

3. Repair and Retrofitting to improve and or upgrade the performance of WWTP, or quality of treated water to comply with regulation as required.

Services : Procurement Engineering

4. Procurement Engineering to deliver benefits to end-users that have economic value and are in accordance with the technical required of the WWTP.

Option Service of Media Sarang Tawon

Services Area of Media Sarang Tawon

The increasing potential of climate change and the clean water crisis that occurs in the global world, encourages us to consider the use of Wastewater Treatment Systems that are oriented towards Low Energy Use, Optimization of New / Renewable Energy Potential and also reuse. (Recycle & Reuse).

IPAL Komunal Sistem UASB
IPAL Komunal Sistem UASB


URBAN WWTP which has varied wastewater characteristics from various sources in urban area..


WWTP from hospitals, clinics and health centers. the waste water from health facilities may be contaminated with drugs/antibiotic.


WWTP Industrial generally have specific wastewater characteristics and contain high organic levels with various variables.

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Products and Services of Media Sarang Tawon

Ven Diagram Penentuan Desain IPAL

IPAL (Waste Water Treatment Plant/Waste Water Treatment Installation) is a combination of various processes involving aspects of physics, chemistry, biology, electro-mechanical machines and also construction aspects which become an inseparable and mutually responsive unit. IPAL (Sewage Treatment Plant/Waste Water Treatment Plant) in other terms is the Front End of an intellectual product or Back End which is presented specifically by the Process Engineer to End Users.

Therefore, make sure that you have used the correct services and products from, below:

Ammonia Removal

Ammonia Removal

Ammonia is an indicator of waste water pollution which is strictly regulated by the Government. Get solutions and various features from our services

COD Removal

COD Removal

COD parameters in industrial wastewater are a serious challenge and are closely related to investment costs and operational costs. Get featured solutions and services from us

Aeration System

Aeration System

The aeration system is closely related to the efficiency of waste water treatment, use of electrical power and operational costs. Get featured solutions and services from us

Sludge Dewatering System

Sludge Dewatering System

Sludge is a by-product of the waste water treatment process. Sludge treatment aims to minimize water content so as to obtain cost efficiency for B3 waste disposal.

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